How to Fold and Unfold a Razor Scooter

How to Fold and Unfold a Razor Scooter

Razor scooters are one of the best scooters available out there. These scooters are a fun way to commute around your neighborhood or the roads, cycle lanes. Despite the fact that they were designed for youthful riders, their popularity and acceptance among the elderly have skyrocketed.

Both the kids and adult kick scooters include levers that may be used to assist you in unfolding the scooter once you’ve finished riding it. This is one of the main reasons for their popularity.

You can fold and unfold razor scooters in the most convenient way, and today, in this guide, we will teach you exactly how to do that.


How to Fold Razor Scooters

Even though folding a razor scooter is easy, but it is necessary to know the proper process. If you fail to follow the steps correctly, you have a high chance of damaging your Razor scooter.


1. Releasing the locking lever

When you’re sure, the scooter is steady enough on the ground, unlock the lock mechanism. Now you must place your foot directly on the foot-stand, in between the wheels.

Hold the handlebars with your hands and push your foot downwards to produce additional momentum.

Razor scooters are simple to fold, but they must be folded in a specific method. The scooter may come apart if you don’t stabilize it and open the release levers at the proper time.

It is possible to modify the front section of the scooter, which includes a handle and connects the footpads. Use a circular metal that runs halfway between the handlebars. One of the parts of the lever is a clasp that you may use to adjust the scooter quickly.


2. Pull out the grips

Begin by slipping the grips out. The grips are the handles on which you rest your hands when riding. They offer grip for your hands, preventing them from sliding off even over the most challenging terrain.

A tiny button is positioned near the back of the scooter handlebar. When standing straight on the scooter, the button is located ahead of you. First, you’ll need to press the buttons and remove the grip away from the scooter’s other components. Then, rep the procedure on the other side of the grip.


3. Press down the T Bar

The grips and other scooter components are held together by the T-tube. It is also attached to the wheels and is the scooter’s most crucial component. About halfway down from the handlebars, look for a round piece of metal.

The clasp on one side of the lever may be pulled away from the scooter. You can adjust the steering column when the clasp is removed. To begin the folding process, push down the handlebars with your right hand while holding the steering column with your other.


4. Turn over the scooter.

Turn the scooter over after stepping off. Keep a firm grip on the handlebars to prevent the steering column from sliding back out. To keep the steering column from bursting out of the scooter, you can support it with portions of your body or the ground.

However, make sure that the steering wheel column or the T bar doesn’t come up because the scooter will not fold appropriately if it does. Return the scooter to its original position and lower the handlebars if this happens.


5. Push the joint release lever on the bottom of the scooter

On the other hand, reach for the joint-release lever once the steering column is motionless. It’s just in front of the steering wheel, next to the column that connects to the footpad.

To disengage the locking mechanism, turn the lever to the side. The scooter will virtually instantly fold up into a shape that is convenient to take about after you flip it. In addition, the scooter’s complete pieces fold up automatically after it is flipped, making it easier to move around.

So, you are done with folding the scooter.


How to Unfold a Razor Scooter

By now, you have already folded a Razor scooter. Now we will teach you how to unfold this scooter again to its original shape.

A reversal of the previous procedure will aid in the unfolding of your scooter. You’ll need to think about things like the fit, the braking system, and the present tire pressure.


1. Pull up the T Bar

Begin by gripping the scooter’s T-tube with your arms. This is the very first stage in the procedure. To minimize structural damage and other hazards, make sure you have enough information about the procedure.


2. Press down the footrest

The next step is to press the footrest down. This may be done with either the left or right hand, and the force should be applied softly at first, then increased as needed.

It’s vital to remember that certain scooters are sensitive, so proceed with caution. Before moving on to the following step, make sure you fold the scooter properly.


3. Drag the Release Lever

The lever must now be dragged upward. This, however, may need some amount of knowledge or experience. As a result, if you lack the requisite skills or experience, you should avoid it.

It is said that practice makes perfect. So, if you want to be a pro at folding and unfolding a razor scooter, set aside time to practice the techniques above; this will only help you improve with time.


Alternative Method to Unfold a Razor Scooter

The above unfolding mechanism that we discussed should work for most razor scooters. However, there are few scooters that require a slightly different unfolding process. We will guide you through the process down below.


1. Throttle Twist

The method begins with the razor scooter’s throttle being twisted. This should be done on both sides of the scooter. Twisting the scooter opens it up and allows it to be unfolded.

Again, it’s best to start with a small amount of force and just increase it if you’re having trouble.


2. Adjust the Handlebar

You may need to elevate or lower the handlebar depending on the model of the razor scooter. In either scenario, you’ll use a fast release or a push button to complete the task. This process is required so that you may easily complete the next tasks.


3. Finishing off

Finally, you must complete the unfolding exercise. To accomplish so, use the foot slide or the center button. When these two sections of the scooter are engaged, they open the scooters out and position them in a way that allows you to ride.

Before going for a ride, make sure the scooters are structurally sound.


Troubleshooting a Stuck Scooter and How to Fix it

If you have a stuck scooter, you should follow the process below to fix it.


1. To open the steering column, pull the release lever all the way open.

Check to see whether the latch has become jammed. It points down toward the front wheel when closed. Raise it to the point where it points toward the handlebars. It won’t be easy to fold the scooter if the clasp does not open.


2. Adjusting the handlebar

Make sure the handlebars are as far away from the steering column as possible. So that they don’t get in the way of the footpad, and sometimes you may have a scooter that requires you to reposition the handlebar.

Press down firmly on the handlebar release buttons, then pull them away from the steering column as far as feasible. Remember to keep the handlebars flat against the footpad. Open the steering column clasp to flip them around if they’re facing the footpad when you start folding the scooter.


3. Cleaning up stuck lever using a damp rag

Folding the scooter will be tough if you can’t open the steering column clasp and the quick-release lever. First, you’ll need to dampen a paper towel or a cloth with warm water, then use it to wipe the surface and remove any dirt that has accumulated on the lever’s surface.

After that, test the levers to check whether they function.


4. Take apart your scooter.

After following all these steps, if you still can’t fold your scooter, you need to take your scooter apart. If the scooter is still difficult to maneuver, it is most likely due to a large quantity of collected debris, which can occasionally block the scooter’s components from moving.

If the scooter is still challenging to navigate, it is most likely due to a vast number of accumulated debris, which can sometimes prevent the scooter’s components from moving.


5. Using oil-based lubricant to clean the metal parts

Now is the time to put WD-40 or any other type of cleaning directly on the levers to help them operate better. Then, to get the levers operating again, spray them with WD-40 or another cleaning.

Wipe any dirt or dust from the metal using an old cloth. Then, reassemble the scooter and try it out once they appear to be clean. If it still seems stuck, it’s better to call the Razor support or go see your closest scooter repair expert.



Folding and unfolding a Razor scooter can be tricky if you do not know the steps correctly. This guide is written to help you understand the folding, unfolding process more efficiently.

We recommend that you practice folding and unfolding your scooter so that you can become a pro and prevent unnecessary problems; even if you aren’t required to do so, practice folding and unfolding.

Always follow the instructions in reverse to unfold your scooter, regardless of how it folds. Depending on the kind of scooter you have, the procedure may differ somewhat.

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