How to Carry an Electric Scooter

how to Carry an Electric Scooter

An electric scooter can be a tremendous handy means of transport, especially during a traffic jam. It can also serve as an excellent commuter for moving around and go for a stroll in rocky, hilly terrains.

Hence, it is really beneficial for you to carry your electric scooter around. But now the more tough question arrives, how to carry an electric scooter. Electric scooters are not that small in size, and you need to know the proper way to carry them.

So, today we decided to give you a guide which will guide you with the right ways to carry your electric scooter.


4 Ways to Carry an Electric Scooter

There are many ways to carry an electric scooter, and down below, we will discuss the processes of doing so.

You might get soiled or stain someone if you don’t handle your scooter properly, among other things, so understanding how to carry them could save you a lot of worries.


Scooter Carrying Straps

A carry strap for an electric scooter is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a strap that attaches to your electric scooter and makes it easier to transport. In addition, the strap, while comparable to the electric scooter carry bag, is much easier to use.

They’re just basic straps that go over the shoulders and have the scooter hooked to both ends. Because the straps do not completely cover the scooter, you do not need to fold it before mounting it.

Because the straps do not completely cover the electric scooter, you risk becoming soiled by the tires or the deck, as well as staining others, so always remember to be careful and maintain your scooter as clean as possible.

However, the straps for electric scooters are constructed of a strong nylon material that provides both strength and flexibility, allowing for optimum comfort. If you’re taking your electric scooter outside and it isn’t waterproof, keep an eye out for severe weather because the strap won’t protect the scooter from the elements.


Scooter Carrying Bag

A large carry bag for your electric scooter is what an electric scooter carry bag is. Even though the scooter bag covers the whole scooter, but a strap is easier to use.

These bags are lightweight bags that surround your scooters, keeping you safe from dirt and protecting the scooter from water and other elements that may damage it if it rains.

Your scooter is foldable, which allows it to fit conveniently into the travel bag and be stored in any secure location. When moving your electric scooter, transport bags are the best way to avoid having your clothing dirty, especially if you’re hurrying to work or a meeting.

Scooter bags help in other ways also; what if your scooter battery runs out in the middle of the road? But, then, how can you carry your scooter back at home? This is when the scooter bags come into play; you can just use the bag to bring it back home.

The benefit of using a transfer bag is that you may walk about freely after placing the scooter in the bag without fear of having it soiled. In addition, the backpack covers your entire scooter and is simpler to carry as a shoulder bag through crowds.

Moreover, your scooter is foldable, which allows it to fit conveniently into the travel bag and be stored in any secure location.

Transport bags that are both durable and well-made are vital since they are used for more than simply transportation. They also assist in extending the life of your scooter by making it easier to store electric scooters safely.

Additionally, the bags are foldable, so you can carry them with you or hang them on the handlebar, and they can be unfurled and utilized in a matter of seconds. When folded, it’s less taxing than carrying a scooter by the stem. This backpack makes it easy to take your electric scooter up a flight of steps if you have a lot of them.

Make sure to clean your scooter correctly before putting it in the bag to avoid getting your transport back dirty.


Carry Handle for Electric Scooter

When folded, it’s less taxing than carrying it by the stem. This backpack makes it easy to take your electric scooter up a flight of steps if you have a lot of them.

Handles straps for electric scooters are simple handlebars that are fastened to the stem of your scooter and available in a variety of colors and patterns. They may be secured to the electric scooter by strapping or buckling them.

Handle straps are compact, and I believe they are one of the best methods to move around on your electric scooter. So if you don’t want to carry an electric scooter by the stem but don’t want a large strap over your shoulder, this is the solution.

They provide you a pleasant sensation when you use them, and they can be left on the scooter even while you ride it, giving you a better and faster experience getting on and off public transportation, stairwells, and so on. All you have to do now is get off and fold it, and you’re done.

An electronic handle can relieve some of the pressure on your arms as well. Because if you’re not used to lifting a lot of weight all the time, carrying so much weight by the stem might be rather tricky.

Moreover, it’s easy to take up and put down since the handle is closer to your hand. This might make it easier on your back as well.


Electric Scooter Case

Electric scooter case is another option that you can choose if you do not like the above three options. Electric scooters may also be customized with unique accessories such as bags. They are relatively new to the public, but they allow you to go quickly and have an additional bag to assist you in packing.

Electric scooter cases give an option for quick and effective travel, allowing you to move quickly between airports and train stations to catch your flight or train, especially if you are already late.

They are designed to act as storage space, and the wheels assist you in traveling at about half your average speed. It has ample storage space for your clothing, books, papers, and other valuables. It can still be folded and carried around like a backpack, or you can ride on it, which is a lot of fun.

They have the adequate storage capacity to pack for up to four days and can be folded down to be used as a piece of standard luggage.


Can You Fit an Electric Scooter in the Car Trunk

You may wish to travel for a vacation and will need to bring your electric scooter, but you’re not sure if it will fit in your vehicle trunk. Foldable joints on electric scooters allow you to bend the handlebar as low as the deck. This increases its mobility, allowing it to slip into tight areas like your vehicle trunk.

Your scooter should be good with a width of 72.5 inches which is the usual width of a vehicle trunk. You can also bring more baggage with you. Your trunk, on the other hand, must be rather large.

A typical scooter is 19-22 inches long and 19.5–23.5 inches wide. Because your scooter should be folded before attempting to fit it in your car trunk, this dimension does not account for height. You can also bring more baggage with you. Scooters can also be placed in transportation bags before being placed in automobile trunks.


Frequently Asked questions

So, far we have discussed the four probable ways to carry your electric scooter. Still, you might have some questions bobbling around your head. In this section, we will try to answer a few of these questions.


1. Are electric scooters heavy to carry?

Answer: Electric scooters are a bit heavy to carry. The maximum rider weight restriction is listed on all-electric scooters, with the majority supporting between 55kg and 100kg. While a weight limit of 100kg will comfortably transport most riders, there will be a sector of the population for whom this restriction is insufficient.


2. Are Electric scooters legal?

Answer: Only e-scooters hired as part of government-sponsored experiments are permitted to be used on public roadways. You can only ride an e-scooter on private territory, not on public roads, cycle lanes, or sidewalks.

However, the laws on legality vary from state to state. So, it is better that you check out the laws in your local area where you will be riding your electric scooter.


3. Can I fit my electric scooter in the car trunk?

Answer: Yes, you can, you won’t have any problem carrying your electric scooter in a car trunk. Almost all electric scooters will fit comfortably in the trunks of most automobiles.

The outliers are extremely large scooters, which will likely only fit in larger vehicle trunks, and very small car trunks, which will struggle to hold even an ordinary electric scooter.


4. Are insurances needed for an electric scooter?

Answer: No, it isn’t necessary to get insurance for your electric scooter. But it helps to get insurance.  Electric scooter users should have health insurance at the very least to cover them in the event of an accident.

However, most major insurance providers will not cover users of privately owned scooters at this time, except Nationwide, which does offer scooter insurance.


5. What’s the minimum age to legally drive an electric scooter?

Answer: The Transport Ministry has suggested modifying the Motor Vehicles Act to allow minors aged 16 to 18 to acquire a license to operate electric scooters. “Because the speed limit for e-bikes is only 70 kilometers per hour, reckless driving can be avoided, and the speed can be monitored,” says the ministry.



If you ride an electric scooter, you probably faced the situation of carrying your electric scooter at some point in your life. If you cannot correctly take your scooter, you can face some severe problems.

Hence, today we discussed four ways to carry your electric scooter. Carrying your electric scooter in this way will not just save your scooter from getting damaged. But also, it will be convenient to carry them.

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