How to Remove Rev Limiter on a Scooter?

How to Remove Rev Limiter on a Scooter

Would you like to go fast on your scooter? To go above the maximum speed limit, you need to remove the rev limiter.

When an electric scooter reaches this speed limit, the bike refuses to accelerate any further. This speed restriction is insufficient for many individuals who like riding an electric scooter.

In general, people believe that removing the speed limit on their electric scooters is difficult. But today, we’ll show you how to do it in the most straightforward way. In addition, today, our guide on how to remove the rev limiter on a scooter will help you to go over speed limitations more easily.

What is a Rev Limiter?

Before we go through the process of removing the rev limiter on a scooter, let us understand what exactly is a rev limiter. The aim of an rpm limiter, commonly known as a rev-limiter, is to keep a tiny engine from burning out too soon and keep scooters from being classified as bigger bikes by limiting their peak speed.

The rpm limiter on your scooter prevents the engine from sending all of its power to the drive belt. It may be found on the left side of your scooter in the drive belt or variator system.

By removing the rev limiter, full energy from the engine is sent to the belt, boosting the overall peak speed of your scooter.

How to Remove Rev Limiter on a Scooter

There are two steps that you can follow here, the first is a mechanical process that involves removing the rev limiter completely, and the second is an easier process that requires you to fix the limitation electrically.

The mechanical process to Remove the Rev Limiter on a Scooter

For this step, you will need Important tools like Screwdriver, pincer, pliers, and wrench.

This step can be helpful for both kickstart and electric scooters.

  • At first, release the bolt head of the pin that connects the starter to the exterior of your scooter’s variator case to unfasten it. This will enable you to disconnect the kickstart by pulling the pin.
  • Then disconnect the variator system’s exterior face. This faceplate is secured to the variator case with six bolts on most scooters.
  • In the variator system, disconnect the left pulley wheel. A single bolt runs through the center of the wheel, and it must be unscrewed with an air-powered impact wrench. (However, in case you do not have an impact wrench with a strap wrench, keep the wheel in place while attempting to remove the bolt with a standard socket wrench.)
  • Now from the variator system, remove the limiting washer. The limiting washer is located around the front pulley wheel and may be terminated by hand or with needle-nose pliers on most scooters.
  • You are nearly done; just one step is left. Replace the variator case faceplate and reconnect the left pulley wheel. You just need to Attach the kickstart to the variator’s exterior now.

If you are able to follow these steps properly by now, you should have been able to successfully remove the rev limiter on your scooter.

Electrical Process to Remove the Speed Limiter on Scooter

If you do not want to remove your rev and still remove the speed limitation, you can try these steps. However, keep in mind that these steps cannot be used with scooters of all models, and you might have to switch to the mechanical process.

The electrical steps are more suitable for electric scooters.

Using the Electric scooter display to remove speed limitations:

This is the easiest process of removing speed limitations as here, you do not need to get your hands dirty. However, not all scooters will allow this option.

You can easily remove the restriction from the scooter’s display immediately. Simply by pressing buttons. This so-called “sport mode” is available on some scooters, although it is only recommended for use when riding uphill to get greater power.

You’ll note that if the speed restriction is activated, you won’t be able to travel faster than the predetermined speed, even if you’re heading downhill. This is because if the speed tries to increase, the limiter slows down the engine.

Follow the steps down below to remove speed limitations from the display directly.

  • At first, turn off the scooter display
  • Now you need to keep pressing the brakes
  • Turn on the display, and it will show the current speed limit level, such as L1 to L6.
  • By clicking the LIGHT button, you may change the restriction level until you attain the optimum option.
  • Select the required level and then click the S or the ‘SET’ button.
  • Congratulations! You are officially done removing the speed limit of your scooter.

Rewrite or flash the main speed controller

Compared to the first step, this step is a bit more complicated, and you need to carefully the steps that we will state down below. Also, do keep in mind that this step will void your warranty.

To get around the speed restriction, you’ll have to modify the software on the scooter’s controller. This is a dangerous mission. You might potentially brick your electric scooter if the process doesn’t go smoothly.

Removing the speed limit completely.

You may also get rid of the speed limitation by deleting it permanently. Follow the actions outlined below to permanently delete it. Make sure to look into your country’s law before completely doing it. The steps are very simple and easy to follow.

  • Switch on your scooter’s display.
  • Continue to press the e-scooter break button.
  • In the meanwhile, press the power button, and it will show “P1.”
  • However, you must shift that “P1” to “P3.”
  • Press the light button to shift the “P1” to the “P3” position.
  • Simply hit the “S” button to complete your operation.

Removing the Rev limiter from a Razor Scooter

In case you own a razor electric scooter, then the process can vary a bit.

Using a screwdriver, Allen tool, and pincer, remove the screws from the deck.

When you open the deck, you’ll notice a metal bracket that keeps the batteries in place. You should also get rid of that.

You’ll see that the speed connections are linked to the battery in order to limit the speed. First, remove all of the plugs by carefully pushing the pin. Now, remove the screws from the speed limiter and unscrew it to open it up.

You also need to remove the metal component that connects the wires to the scooter and limits the scooter’s speed after opening the speed limiter. If removing the metal component proves difficult, use tape to keep the cables from changing the pace anymore.

After that, put everything back together in the same order as it was before. Just test your razor electric scooter now, and you should have a higher maximum speed than before.

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Quick Tips and Fixes to Increase Scooter’s Speed Limit

Even though you can remove your rev limiter on the scooter to increase the speed, you can also follow these quick tips and fixes to increase the speed.

Battery change

Battery change cannot be done in all models, but it can work on most scooter models. A better battery with a greater voltage output will drive you to higher speeds.

There are some caveats, though, because the scooter was not designed to handle the greater voltage. Electrical components or the electric motor itself might be damaged by a strong battery. So, make sure to check the maximum battery ratings before changing your batteries.

Changing tires

You have the option of switching to airless tires. Because airless tires have less friction with the ground, you’ll be able to go faster. Airless tires also increase autonomy, allowing you to bike for longer distances.

Rewinding motor

A more sophisticated approach that will be difficult to put into practice. While the coil on your scooter is rewinding, the speed restriction on your scooter will automatically rise.

In this situation, we propose that you reverse your scooter motor and accelerate it, which will result in less torque but greater RPM.


This isn’t a good idea if your electric scooter is brand new. However, if you have an older scooter, spraying WD-40 on the sprockets or, better still, replacing them with new ones can make a significant difference. This is because sprockets burn down over time and cause friction with other parts.

Always keep the battery charged

Make sure to keep your battery charged, as this will allow you to achieve the highest potential speed while also allowing you to sustain it for a longer period of time. While a charged battery will not increase your scooter’s top speed, it will enhance acceleration and torque.

As your battery level gets lower, the speed of your scooter also starts to slow down. Hence, the electric scooter will not be able to travel at maximum speed if the battery is just 10% charged. When you run out of charge, you’ll notice two things: poor acceleration and a lower peak speed.


Even though every country has strict laws against speed limitations of scooters. But it is very common for scooter riders to want to remove speed limitations on their scooter and travel at higher speeds. Hence, today we wrote this guide on how to remove the rev limiter on a scooter.

We discussed different procedures for making your scooter faster by comparing different models of scooters. Choose the process that seems easier to you. However, whichever approach you choose, make sure to read and follow the steps properly to avoid damaging the scooter.

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