The 7 Best Kids Helmets for Scooters and Bikes 2022

Helmets are something that many of us don’t like to wear, and the same goes for kids. Yet, this one piece of equipment has saved millions of lives and prevented bodily damage.

Helmets are really essential when it comes to riding scooters, especially for toddlers. If you do not select the correct helmet for your toddlers, it will be no good to wear one.

There are many cases where the helmet cracked when the rider fell down. Hence to avoid this problem, you need to find the perfect helmet for your kids. Naturally, you’ll want a helmet that’s both high-quality and safe, with plenty of coverage and the most up-to-date safety technologies.

Now, which helmet to choose? The market got so many options. This is when we will come to your help, as today we will discuss everything you need to know regarding the best scooter helmets for toddlers and find the best 7 products for you.


Best Scooter Helmets for Toddlers: Top 7 Reviewed

1. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet
  • Cutting-edge youth safety helmet for biking, skating, and more
  • Ergonomic interior padding is comfortable and secure
  • 17 top and side vents help rider keep a cool head on hot days

The Razor V-17 helmet comes at a dimension of 10.8 x 8.9 x 5.8 inches with a weight of 14.4 Ounces. The Razor V-17 multi-sport helmet combines high-quality construction with cutting-edge design. Ultimate comfort is ensured by ergonomically engineered cushioning and an extra scaling pad set for the ideal individual fit.

Although being a tiny model, it has 17 vents on the top and sides that provide substantial airflow to help vent the heat in hot weather. In addition, it is very light, which makes it a suitable helmet for kids and toddlers.

This is the perfect helmet for those hot and humid summer days, especially in places where the temperature can reach dangerously high levels. Moreover, If your helmet is on the bigger side, you’ll get an extra set of pads.

You will also find a simple to use, featuring a side release to fasten or modify the straps. In addition, side buckles on the chin strap may be removed or adjusted for a more secure fit.

It meets CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) requirements. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is the federal agency in charge of testing and certifying products. It is durable and easy to put on, which is important because we are dealing with children. It also has a good safety rating.

The helmet is designed for those with heads measuring 21.5-23 inches in circumference. The head size is the measurement taken immediately above the ears, around 12 inches above the brow, where the head size is at its largest.


  • Very lightweight design
  • It comes at a low price
  • Ergonomic design
  • Has internal padding for more comfort
  • Strong and durable side straps


  • Doesn’t have a fit adjustment crank at the helmet back

Our Verdict

If you live in an area where the weather is humid and hot, then the Razor V-17 is a good choice. It comes at a low price and offers 17 air vents for more cooling during your scooter rides. The helmet is also very lightweight, with added internal pads for a more comfortable riding experience.


2. Vega Helmets Half Size Warrior Motorcycle Helmet

Vega Helmets Half Size Warrior Motorcycle Helmet
  • the rebel warrior motorcycle half helmet for men & women by vega helmets is the ideal motorcycle...
  • optically correct drop down sunshield – protect your eyes from sun, bugs, and debris while...
  • feature-loaded – the rebel warrior skull cap helmet features a new size-adjustment dial system for...

The Vega Helmet comes at a dimension of ‎ 12 x 7 x 9 inches with a weight of 2.2 Pounds. With its technology-loaded design, lightweight half-face covering, and cool, comfortable fit, the newly designed Rebel Warrior motorcycle half helmet is the ideal solution for cycle and scooter riders searching for a more comfortable and fashionable ride.

The bold flag design is patriotic and displays pride in the United States of America, or you can go with plain colors for a more sophisticated look. The Rebel Warrior is an unrivaled skull cap helmet for both ladies and gentlemen.

Additionally, It’s jam-packed with features that give you a more relaxed, personalized beanie motorcycle helmet look. This helmet is not just suitable for scooters, skateboards but also for motorbikes.

It has a completely ventilated high-density EPS lining for maximum strength, safety, and cooling. A multi-position sun cover that is drop-down, optically correct, and protects from the sun, rain, and bugs is also included. Comfort-Wick-Dri Tech’s liner technology is a wonderful addition to the collection.

It weighs only around 2.2 pounds which means you will not suffer from neck pains even after long hours of riding. A quick-release mechanism with straps and cushioning that makes adjusting the strap a breeze.

A revised custom fit dial adjustment provides a perfect custom fit for those difficult-to-fit small heads. This helmet also complies with FMVSS 218 and has been authorized by the Department of Transportation.

This helmet provides excellent protection at a reasonable price. To guarantee that each helmet batch is safe, the firm conducts random testing.


  • The Vizor is large and adjustable
  • Maintains most of the safety standards
  • Both genders can use it
  • Adjustment dial makes it easy to find the perfect fit
  • Stylish design


  • There is no full-face shield available

Our Verdict

The Rebel Warrior from Vega Helmets is the latest-styled motorbike that has been introduced if you are looking for a truly attractive and comfortable helmet. This half helmet is ideal for motorcycle riders, scooter riders, and skateboarders.

It’s light, provides half-face covering, and features a heavy-duty technology-driven design that’s both comfortable and cool to wear.


3. Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet

Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet
  • Dual Certified skateboarding and bike helmet with ABS shell and impact-absorbing EPS foam liner
  • Complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older and ASTM...
  • Ideal for biking, skateboarding, scooters, BMX, roller derby, and commuting

The Triple Eight dual certified helmet comes at a dimension of 12 x 8 x 8 inches with a weight of 1 Pound. The Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet combine traditional Triple Eight design with unmatched fit and protection.

Its ABS shell with impact-absorbing EPS foam lining is developed for a close fit and low profile, and it is dual-certified for both bike and skate. Ideal for commuting, riding, skating, scooters, BMX, roller derby, and other sports.

ABS is used for the outside shell of this helmet. This is the hulk of impact resistance, and even if you get hit hard, your topsides will stay intact. It conforms with CPSC requirements.

The interior of the Triple Eight is made of a special sweat-wicking fabric. It wicks moisture away from your head, keeping it dry and cool. It’s been treated to prevent bacterial development and spread. So, keep your shirt on; you won’t have to worry about it after each usage.

Furthermore, the fastening mechanisms on these helmets assure a precise fit, which is a big plus. Furthermore, the color palette is mind-blowing: white, red, blue, zest, and Fuschia.

The Triple Eight is in accordance with U.S. law. CPSC for bicycles and ASTM F-1492 for skateboards, both of which are met by the top skateboards on the market.

The helmet is topped with seven vents, which is ideal for riders who sweat a lot and build up a lot of heat. The vents are excellent at transmitting heat and replacing it with cold air. As a result, it takes a while for you to calm down.

This Full Face Street Bike Helmet has received a perfect score from users, stands in its way.


  • Made from durable ABS shield
  • It comes with 8 air vents for cooling
  • It has an antibacterial sweat saver lining
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Lightweight design


  • Can have a better design

Our Verdict

The Triple Eight dual certified helmet is a very good choice if you are looking for a quality full ABS shield helmet for multipurpose use like skateboarding, commuting, cycle rides, etc.

This helmet is designed to maintain the skateboard safety protocols. Additionally, it offers eight air vents which will make sure to keep you cool even in the hottest weather. The antibacterial sweat saver lining will soak sweat.


4. JBM Skateboard Helmet

JBM Skateboard Helmet Impact Resistance Ventilation for Multi-Sports Cycling Skateboarding Scooter Roller Skate Inline Skating Longboard
  • MULTI-SPORTING GEAR: These Kids / Child Bike Helmets are flexible and suitable for Multi-sports...
  • Size Chart : Small: 18.1’’-19.7, Medium: 19.7’’-22.8'', Large: 20.9’’-23.2''. These...
  • IMPACT Resistance:These bike helmets are specially designed for Kids / Child Multi-sports Head...

The JBM Skateboard helmet comes at a dimension of ‎ 11.4 x 9.2 x 6.8 inches with a weight of1.16 Pounds. Even though the name says skateboard, but this helmet is also a great choice for toddlers riding the scooter.

The skateboard helmet has a strong, durable shell with a soft lining that can cushion external pressure from a fall while skateboarding. Adults who wear scooter helmets will feel much safer and more confident, which will help them perform better in sports.

It has readily adjustable straps that tightly wrap around the head with minimal risk of it coming off. This helmet is made of ultra-strong material that is light and comfortable to wear.

It also helps to relieve neck strain. Extra cushioning is a feature added to the EPS foam padding liner to provide you with more comfort, particularly on extended journeys.

This helmet has an anti-shock function; therefore, it’s made of a high-quality hardshell, strong and durable PVC & PC, and EPS foam to protect the head from direct contact and absorb it to a fair degree.

This helmet is a jack-of-all-trades that may be used for a variety of activities other than skateboarding., roller skating, bicycle riding, rollerblading, and longboarding are just a few of the activities that may be done on it.

All you need is one helmet: the JBM. Even if you’re a pro scooter rider, you don’t need a slew of helmets. It has a vintage look to it and may be worn by both boys and girls.


  • It comes with multiple vent systems
  • Lightweight
  • Has a low price
  • Durable exterior shell
  • You will find many different color options


  • The description is not clear about sizing

Our verdict

The JBM Skateboard helmet is aerodynamically built for speed and is suitable for a variety of activities. It is widely regarded as one of the best pro scooter helmets available.

It is made to withstand heavy and harsh impact and is armored with a strong shell and ultra-soft cushioned lining to absorb shocks. This helmet is built with numerous vents and breathable foam to keep your head cool and dry.


5. BELL Sidetrack II MIPS Youth Bike Helmet

BELL Sidetrack II MIPS Youth Bike Helmet
  • FUSION IN-MOLD POLYCARBONATE SHELL - A process pioneered by Bell bonds the helmet's outer shell to...
  • ERGO-FIT - What was once ErgoDial now has an improved dial feel and function (no longer requires a...

The BELL sidetrack II has a dimension of ‎ 14 x 10 x 8 inches with a weight of1.6 Pounds. It is one of the coolest-looking helmets out there for toddlers for scooters.

The Sidetrack II is a mountain biking-style helmet that is ideal for independent riders. It provides enough coverage at the back of the head, where a dial mechanism tightens a plastic cage.

This helmet has an integrated MIPS (multidirectional impact protection system) system, which is a leading slip-plane technology within the helmet that reduces rotational forces caused by specific collisions.

What was formerly ErgoDial now has a better dial feel and function, requires no more pushing to turn, and is sleeker and less bulky. Additionally, quick-adjust fasteners assist keep straps flat and in place. Finally, the sweat Guide pad design draws moisture away from brow pads and eyeglasses.

It has 14 large vents for maximum airflow, soft, moisture-wicking cushions for a comfortable fit, and a smooth, flat strap that won’t chafe against sweaty skin. It, like many of the other choices on this list, is available in both MIPS and non-MIPS versions.

It also has a removable visor that can be adjusted according to your preferences.


  • Removal visor
  • Integrated MIPS technology for more safety
  • ErgoDial is easy to access and use
  • 14 big vents for proper circulation of air


  • The visor sometimes can come off easily

Our verdict

If you have no issues with the budget, then take a look at the BELL sidetrack II. The Bell Sidetrack Youth, which is designed to look like an adult mountain bike helmet, combines the safety elements that parents want with a sporty and modern style that kids adore.

The Sidetrack is highly vented for comfort and has robust in-mold construction and a strong dial-adjust mechanism. In addition, MIPS safety technology is offered on the Sidetrack to reduce injuries from crashes at steep angles.


6. Joovy Noodle Helmet Extra Small-Small

Joovy Noodle Helmet Extra Small-Small, Kids Helmet, Bike Helmet, Greenie
  • Available in two sizes: XS-S (47-52cm) and S-M (52-55cm); Use a string and tape measure to measure...
  • 14 air vents: Breathable to keep their head cool even in warm weather
  • Adjustable fit dial

The Joovy Noodle Helmet comes at a dimension of ‎9.5 x 8.5 x 6.5 inches with a weight of 15.2 ounces. The Joovy Noodle helmet is a great value for money option for kids aged one and above.

The extended visor not only meets CPSC requirements but it also provides maximum protection (think scooter face plants and random acts of gravity) and keeps the sun off their faces.

As it comes in two sizes small (18.5-20.5 inches) and medium (20.5-22 inches). Hence, you can find the best size that matches your kid’s head. In the front vents, there are 14 air vents with integrated bug mesh.

However, always clean your helmet; make sure only to use a soft towel, soap, and warm water. You will also find a pinch guard chin strap, nylon straps, and extended visor for optimum protection.

Joovy’s helmet, which is made of Hardshell, has more exposed foam than the others we’ve advised, which indicates it may be less durable over time. The helmet is lightweight and comfy, with a surprising number of high-quality features. It is tightened utilizing a dial mechanism that may be adjusted.


  • Comes at a low price
  • Available in two sizes
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Has a dial mechanism to tighten the straps


  • Less durable over time

Our verdict

The Joovy Noodle helmet is the ideal mid-range helmet with outstanding features at an affordable price. The Joovy is far ahead of any helmet you’ll find at Walmart. This is not just a good value, but it’s also one of the lightest toddler helmets on the market.


7. Pro-Tec – The Bucky

The Pro-Tec bucky comes at a dimension of 11.8 x 9.4 x 7.3 inches with a weight of 1.59 Pounds. This kid’s cycling helmet protects your child’s head from bumps and impacts and lives up to its name.

The two-layer foam liner and HDPE inner shell work together to minimize pinching and any head injuries that may occur as a result of a fall or impact. A moisture-wicking lining is included in every Bucky helmet.

The hydrophobic (moisture-hating) polyester and hydrophilic (moisture-loving) nylon in PROTEC Original’s moisture-wicking lining provide distinct benefits. This combination provides a 2-zone Comfort Lining with a push-pull action that draws sweat away from the skin and transports it to the outer layer, where it may dry quickly.

This helmet comes with a 2-Stage premium liner that moves from soft to firm, away from the head and toward the shell of the helmet, for a snug and comfortable fit.

The PROTEC Bucky shell also features 11 strategically positioned vents. Each one contributes to keeping you cooler and drier by exhausting hot air and bringing cold air in.


  • 11 Air vents
  • 2 stage premium liner
  • Has an inner HPDE shell
  • Comfortable fit


  • The rear foam piece doesn’t stay in place

Our Verdict

The PROTEC Bucky is not only durable but also light and airy. This kid helmet has 11 ventilation holes to guarantee appropriate and quick ventilation. It was created with the help of Bucky Lasek, a six-time World Skateboarding Champion, so it is well worth the money. It will make your child feel like a professional scooter rider.


How to Find the Right Fit of the Helmet

Before buying the helmet, t is important that you know how to find the right fit for the helmet.

Wrap a thread around your child’s head at the temples and place it on a yardstick to determine the correct helmet size, or just use a cloth tape measure. Most tiny toddler helmets will fit skulls up to 47cm in circumference; the Giro Scamp, on the other hand, goes all the way down to 45cm for the tiniest noodles.

Some helmets come with a variety of inner padding sizes so you can achieve a better fit. Once you’ve chosen a helmet that fits your child’s size range, place it level and low on her forehead, approximately an inch over her brows.

Adjust the side straps to make a V right beneath her ears. Only one or two fingers should be able to fit between the chin strap and her chin when fastened. Make sure the helmet doesn’t rock forward or backward by pressing on it.

Finally, have your child yawn and make sure the helmet pushes on the top of her head. It should be snug but not so tight that it is unpleasant or causes a pressure headache.


Buying Guide for Best Scooter Helmets for Toddlers

Down below, let us check the buying guide that you can use for buying the best scooter helmet for toddlers.

Build Quality

A traditional scooter helmet is made up of two main protective elements. Then there’s the hard, thin outer shell. It might be made of polycarbonate, Kevlar, or fiberglass. The strongest of the three is Kevlar.

The second component is a thick, soft lining. This is a foam compound made of expanded polystyrene or polypropylene “EPS” that is used as an inner liner.

This architectural pattern is seen in a great number of motorcycle and scooter helmets. The outer shell absorbs the impact and disperses it throughout the helmet, while the inner lining reduces the shock.

Straps and Pads

The straps and adjustable cushions on the kid’s scooter helmets allow the helmet to be adjusted. The foam pads come in a variety of sizes, so you may adjust them as your child grows. However, you’ll probably need these adjustable pads to get the child helmet to fit perfectly.

The chin straps must also be considered since they play an important role in keeping the helmet in place and can be irritating if they are excessively tight or small. With the straps on, the youngster should be able to open his lips readily. These chin straps are generally adjustable with a click dial as well.


Helmets should be worn low on the head so that the entire forehead is covered, but the eyebrows are visible. Once you’ve got it on your head, double-check that your field of vision isn’t restricted in any way.

The rim of the helmet should be visible if you look up. Skulls come in a variety of forms. So, make sure that the helmet you are choosing perfectly fits your head. To better understand the fit size, you can refer to our fitness guide given above in this article.


When it comes to helmets for scooters, the level of comfort cannot be compromised. Two characteristics enhance the level of comfort. The first is the issue of weight.

Lightweight helmets are comfortable to wear and do not strain your neck during lengthy runs. Second, it must have a high-quality airflow venting system. The next item on the agenda is noise reduction.

Outer shell

Thermoplastics or fiber-reinforced composites are what we’re talking about here. This is some tough stuff. Compression dispersing the damaging energy far before it can be delivered to your brain absorbs and efficiently absorbs the force of impact.


Another essential feature of the helmet is its color. We advise users to choose bright colors so that they may be seen from afar. When you’re driving along the road, visibility is crucial.

You may also select from a variety of stunningly vivid designs. Some are amusing, while others are frightening. The basic line is that they must attract attention for the sake of safety. White, glossy black, teal, purple, and brilliant yellow, orange, red, pink, etc., are the most frequent colors.


From the standpoint of comfort as well as health, proper ventilation is critical. Under the cover, clean air keeps your head cool and fresh. Look for intake and exit vents on the top and sides, as well as the space between them.

The vents should be constructed such that gloved hands may control them. Wind should be able to flow onto the face and head in a proper ventilation system. A complete cut-off capability is required. Vents on the chin are ideal because they prevent the visor from fogging up.


Helmets are relatively inexpensive, which makes purchasing one much more appealing. They’re all under $100, with some being as low as $30. Scooter helmets for little children are often less expensive than those for older children and teens.

Purchasing a more expensive safety bike helmet can ensure quality, but there is always the risk of your child misplacing it.



All of us know the importance of a good helmet. No matter if you are riding the scooter, skateboard, or anything else, a helmet is needed. Now, when it comes to toddlers riding scooters, helmets are a must to ensure their safety.

Choosing the best helmet can always be troublesome as there are so many options available? Hence today, our article focused on the best scooter helmet for toddlers. Our experts well test these helmets, and they stand out from the rest.


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